How to plan a Baby moon In India

Babymoon is a whole new travel trend in India, which is already been popular in the west. Planning a babymoon in India can be quite a new experience for a couple as there is too much restriction from family but, once your doctor gives you a green flag you can plan it a much needed alone time before the baby arrives.

Babymoon is a trip taken by an expectant couple before the baby arrives. it’s a great time to spend some romantic quality time with your spouse because once the baby arrives hardly you’ll get a time for anything.

if you are planning one here are my tips and tricks to make it a memorable one without any problems.

Consult your doctor:

The first and foremost thing is your health, keep it in priority and plan accordingly. consult your gynecologist before planning, if you have any health issues try to avoid traveling instead plan a luxury stay in your city itself.

Picking up a time:

the best time to plan babymoon is the second trimester as it is easy going one and you can flaunt your little baby bump too. Youll be comfortable and enjoy your destination with ease in your second trimester.

Getting a pregnancy travel insurance:

Pregnancy travel insurance helps you if you are traveling outside the country, the cost and cover time period depends on insurance companies you are opting. try to invest in a quality travel insurance company.

Choosing a destination:

I would suggest you visit a place you have been before as it has to be an easy going trip you don’t need to explore a more of it, it’s you and your husband quality time. Just relax and make wonderful memories out of it talking about a future baby.

Or if you want to explore a new place here are some exotic babymoon destination India.


paradise for honeymooners this god’s own state will surely give you an extraordinary experience being it a strolling in beaches or getting a special spa.


Another laid back and most relaxed destination, skip the tourism places and book a resort with direct access to beaches.


Enjoy the French side of India on this island with treating your little one with french cuisines.


This unexplored hill station is a must visit once in a lifetime I absolutely fell in love with this place due to its mix Tamil and British culture, affordable Sunday market and the delicious mango.


These are my picks do tell me in the comment section below where you have been in your babymoon and hows was it.

Love Shubhagini.




Pregnancy Skin Care

Pregnancy comes with lots of joy and happiness but, at the same time with symptoms that we don’t want to share in our happy time be it a morning sickness, acne, skin discoloration etc which differs from women to women. There are some symptoms which we can’t solve and have to face it.

Whereas if it comes to skin care you can actually treat them or can take a good care of yourself before it comes in your pregnancy way.

Here are some natural treatments you can do at home during your pregnancy:

Take an adequate sleep:

Take a good sleep of at least 7-8 hour in a day it will not only relax your mind and body and will keep you away from stress which is the main cause of a lot of problems. Try to catch an afternoon nap if possible.

If you are working mom try to sleep early in the night so that your body gets an adequate sleep when it needs the most i.e. during pregnancy time.


As much as sleep is important during pregnancy so as exercising too, which helps in maintaining your stamina as it takes a lot of energy in developing a baby.  If you can’t make time for it try to do a simple 30-45 minutes walk in a day.

Exercise will help in maintaining your glow and charm throughout pregnancy.

If you are second-time mother take your toddler to park and play a light exercise game with them or go for a grocery shopping and take those heavy bags back home.

Try to take stair and walk as much as possible and don’t stop doing your household chore as these small things also help a lot in building up your stamina.

NOTE: Consult your doctor before attempting any exercise.

Maintaining a right weight:

Gaining weight during pregnancy is a natural process don’t freak out too much about it as it all depends on your eating habit don’t take a chance to eat each and everything especially a junk food.

A healthy pregnant woman may gain 11-15 kg in her 9 months, maintain a right weight from starting will not only make you feel good inside out but, also keep you away from diseases like diabetics, thyroid and varicose veins.

Drinking plenty of water:

Drinking plenty of water helps me a lot as my skin becomes dryer and dryer day by day during my pregnancy, drinking plenty of water helps you in removing out all toxins from your body which can cause acne, dry skin etc. Not only this keeping hydrated your body will also help you in reducing your stretch marks.

Try to drink at least 3 liters of a water in a day.

Home remedies for skin regime:

No doubt many skin care products come with parabens and SLS in it which can be not good for you and baby too, try to use natural ingredients like

  • Shea butter and cocoa butter for stretch marks.
  • Raspberry seed oil and Shea-butter for SPF.
  • Coconut oil or jojoba oil for moisturiser.

Or try to use product which contains this product I would recommend.

Palmer’s body range.

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Fab India skincare range.

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Juicy chemistry skincare range.

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Mama earth skincare range for moms.

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Do good care of yourself and relax as much as you can because once a baby arrives you may not get a time for yourself. I hope this article helps you in a best possible and do let me know in comment section below.

Love Shubhagini

Signs and Symptoms that shows you are Pregnant

As it is our first baby and totally a planned one the first thing that worries me all the time, is that going to happen or not, how ill came to know that I am pregnant or not. Obviously to know that I had to wait for my periods but, that too ditches us some time and come late.

Well, in our case we had planned to have a baby after 3 years of our marriage. So, before trying for it we had consulted our gynecologist in May 2017 she told us to take folic acid and to try from next month i.e. from June 2017.

Apparently that month my in-laws were also about to visit us so we are not so sure about it but, had to give it a try but were not sure that it will work or not that is when I had observed a lot of changes in my body that shows I am pregnant.

So, here is my experience with Signs and symptom which shows early in first month i.e. you are pregnant or not:

Frequent pee visit:

This can be an irritating sign, visiting frequent trip to loo whether it might be day or night you’ll always feel like peeing during pregnancy as your uterus presses your bladder which makes it take a lot of pee breaks in your first 3 months.


If you feel tired all the time and can’t do the work like before that means you may be pregnant as your body is busy in making a little munchkin which takes up all your energy. I remember feeling tired just after waking up so you can’t imagine how tired one pregnant woman can feel.

Tender and swollen nipples:

It’s painful due to hormonal changes as breasts change its size and makes them sensitive, sometimes I feel like putting TOUCH ME NOT signboard on them. It will go on after first few weeks as your body will, later on, adjust to hormonal changes.

Mood swing:

Blame it on hormonal changes if your mood swings often in a day that is probably due to the pregnancy which can make you joy and sad at the same moment.

I remember crying it loud when nobody listens to me and on silly things and my mom still makes the fun of it.

Darkening areolas:

The circle around your nipples will start appearing darker and widen due to hormonal changes which are preparing our breasts to breastfeed.

Missing period:

This is the sure shot symptom to know that you are pregnant, get a pregnancy test to know your result at home and surprise your husband.

This is my experience in the first month of pregnancy where I didn’t know the result but experience all these early signs. Share your story in the comment box below.

Love Shubhagini

All you need to know about Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most common cancer, diagnosed in females especially in rural areas where there is no awareness about it. India is one such country where the growth rate of breast cancer patients is increasing rapidly in last decade.

Reason being lack of awareness and last stage detection makes it very difficult for the survival and the family member both mentally and financially.

The reason behind writing this post is to get you aware about cancer so that not only you can help yourself but also to the people around you like your maid or any women who didn’t get the source of knowledge about it.

Symptoms of breast cancer:

  • Lump in an armpit or in a breast.
  • Orange peel texture of the breast skin.
  • Pain in an armpit or in a breast.
  • Blood discharge from your nipples.
  • Flaking of skin around nipples.
  • Inverted nipples.
  • Change in shape of a breast.

Above are the symptoms that you can observe in your breast if you are still can’t understand it consult a doctor or you can self-examine your breast at home by these simple steps.

  • Stand in front of a mirror.
  • Check for change in shape and size of your breast.
  • Change in skin texture like flaking, peeling or dimpling around it.
  • Or is there any swelling around it.
  • Now lie down in a bed.
  • Using your finger pads firmly move your hand and check for any lumps and nodes or is there any pain on touching them.
  • If you find it difficult to check while lying down, stand in a shower and with wet hands check for it that will make it easier for you check any lumps and nodes if any.

If you find any changes by doing above self-examine consult your doctor for a further test that he/she will carry put in order to confirm it.

What causes breast cancer?

Though the reason behind it is not cleared the main cause of breast cancer, family history and taking alcohol can be considered one of the reasons behind it.



These are my take on giving you all a little knowledge about breast cancer, to find out more about it ask your doctor who can guide you in a better way.

How to know you are ready for a baby

The first question that pops up after you get married is when you are having a baby as if it is the only ultimate mission you have to achieve after marriage.

Bringing a child into your life is a life-changing decision which comes with lots of responsibility along with your freedom, financial condition, family, your partner decision etc.

After our 3 years of marriage we still think of the baby and now we are ready I want to share the things or signs which shows that you are ready for a baby.

Is your partner ready?

Having a baby is not all about mother; father responsibility comes equally for a child. Never think of having a bay to save your relationship it is the worst decision one can take.

Discuss having a baby with your partner is he/she ready to take the responsibility equally, Take time individually to think about the changes that will come in a way after having a baby are you actually comfortable with it or not.

Is he/she will take care of a baby on your behalf and will adjust for your me time too and will be comfortable if you want to hang out with your friends and family alone.

Are you ready to dedicate your life to care for a baby?

Its take a lot of time and energy and to go out of your zone by sacrificing your own needs to grow up a human being. Sacrificing your known needs for someone else benefit should make you happy.

After all the love you give for the upbringing of your child comes with lots of sacrifices.

Your career:

Your decision should not intervene in your career , discuss the HR policies of your workspace about maternity and paternity leaves or if you are good enough to handle both your workspace and home.

If your workspace demand travel makes sure to take help never ever say no to help.

Here your in-laws or if your parents live nearby will give you a great advantage to leave your baby into experienced and trusted hands.

Being nervous is normal:

Taking a life-changing decision will make you nervous in starting and its absolutely normal to be nervous, asking so many questions before taking any step is just a part of your decision making ability.

You are ready to accept yourself:

Being pregnant is not a joke as it comes with so many body-changes .if you are comfortable about the changes that will come in your way being a pregnant, like stretch marks, acne, skin discoloration, weight gain etc. and If you are still absolutely normal about all the aspect that means you are ready to have a baby.


Though it depends on women to women the symptoms of pregnancy.




Unique ways to celebrate Diwali

Diwali is that time of the year when all your family member and friends visit their native place to celebrate this lovely festival of lights, sweet and cracker.

Diwali is the day when each and everyone is eagerly waiting for it, where girls are already excited to select their makeup look, dress, gifts etc whereas, boys are excited to light up their house the best and to get the hands-on best crackers and sweets from the market.

Apart from pollution which each and everyone mocks about it around this time of the year, there are so many things apart from this which has to be taken care of, this Diwali finds unique ways to celebrate for others.

In this post, I will be sharing some of the unique ways you can contribute to the society.

Visit an orphanage or an old age home:

When they are rejected by family each and every visitor becomes their family, especially on this biggest festival where you can share the happiness of being with the family which they miss.

Just don’t visit forsake of it once a year is in touch with them all year round and the feeling you’ll get is priceless.

Plant a tree:

When everyone is talking about controlling pollution and not to fire a cracker. in order to control a bit, you can plant a tree may be the fruit tree so you’ll also get something from it and you’ll feel good about it.

Visit a slum:

As, it is a saying that Holi is for poor and Diwali is for rich, by visiting in the slum you can reverse the saying and can make slum children happy by, celebrating Diwali with them by gifting new clothes and sweets to them.

Sponsor a child:

This is my favorite way to celebrate any occasion; it takes around  10,000 rupees per year to sponsor one child education which you can easily do by tying up with an NGO which supports child education.

If you can spend 10,000 in crackers, gifts and on clothes you can easily sponsor a child every year.

Sponsoring a child for education will not only give her/him their right for education but can also make her/him a better person.


This is my take to celebrate this Diwali in a unique way share yours in the comment box below.


Tips and Tricks for Diwali cleaning

Diwali being a week away, we all are busy whitewashing and cleaning our home to prep up for the biggest and most awaited festival in India.

From choosing the décor of a house to lighting it up the best in the colonies there is a lot of preparation that comes ahead but the most critical part is the cleaning of whole house which can take up a lot of energy and time.

I am sure you all have already started cleaning your house, but if not then this post will surely help you out to clean your house smartly with these tips and trick.


Start off with de-cluttering your wardrobe, shoe rack, kids toys segregate each and everything in three piles,

  • Too keep.
  • charity
  • Throw

But, before you throw away your stuff which you don’t need there are a lot of NGO which take away your throwaway items and remake them into a useful way like goonj and green sole.

Once you are sorted out clean off the dust and rearrange your wardrobe, the simple rule is to get rid of the things which you haven’t use for past 1 year can be donated, sell or can be given to charity.

Vacuum cleaning:

Most of the time after whitewash we forget to clean off the dust in sofas, carpet, cushion, mattress, couches etc which are building up bacteria in them from years, so make sure to vacuum clean all these deep if possible wash their fabric too and you’ll get the brand new furniture with just this simple tips.

Kitchen cleaning:

Get rid of the expired ingredient, the pills of food container that you save but do not use it any other way other than pilling it up.

Clean the shelves and rack with a cloth dip in warm water and vinegar. Invest in a kitchen organizer or DIY it, that can save a lot of your space.

Clean up your refrigerator, oven, and microwave with half a lemon dip in vinegar.

Bedroom cleaning:

Move out the furniture and clean up the yearlong dust behind and beneath it and mop the whole area with disinfectant, also make sure to clean the window panes, fans, vacuuming the mattress as mention before and washing all your fabric like a bedspread, curtains etc.


Because why to leave that one pretty corner and deck it up for festive season decorate your garden with pretty plants and terracotta garden accessories. Also, make sure to decide your rangoli area and clean it up well.


I hope these tips will help you to clean your house in a planned way.




Karwachauth styling tips 2017

We women love to dress up for any occasion, karvachauth is one such Indian festival where Indian women dress up like a bride again every year on this day in which they kept a whole day fast for the well-being and long life of their husband.

It is most popular in the northern region of India and by tradition does not eat anything till they see the moon. They all decked up like a newly married bride by putting henna and wearing a red outfit.

Here are few tips for this karwachauth that will make your long day fast into a smooth ride.

Choosing a right outfit:

Most of the women wear their wedding dress which is quite heavy and difficult to carry on whole day long, choosing a comfortable outfit should be your priority there is a number of option available like :

Anarkali suit.

Pairing up straight kurta with palazzo.

Silk sari with golden zari work on it.

Crop top with banarsi skirt.

Or a simple red sari with mirror work in it will work wonderfully.

Skin care regime:

Make sure to take care of your skin couple of days before the main event as you’ll be not eating or drinking anything and that can show up on your skin too if possible be hydrated.

Get a facial that suits your skin type prior 3 days for that glow.


Choosing a hairstyle which you can carry whole day long is another important thing-to-do, go with the stylish braid or for a chic bun hairstyle which is in a trend also, bun hairstyle will be simple, easy to carry and will not irritate you.

Opt for simple yet classy makeup look:

Since your outfit will the star of the show opt for a simple classy look, which will not look overboard with your outfit. Go for nude makeup with soft smoky eyes and if you still want to add that glam go for red or bold lips.


Since you are already glam up a lot go minimal when it comes to jewelry traditionally all married women wear magalsutra, bangles, bindi, ring, and sindoor this will complete your look.

If you want to add a piece of jewelry to your look you can pair a gold choker necklace with magalsutra.

This is my pick-up to slay traditional look on this coming up karwachauth on 8th of October Sunday.



How to teach your kids sharing and caring

It’s mine he/she cannot have it sounds familiar if you are a parent, children often develop a sense of fondness and attachment to things or people as they develop a sense of awareness.

Sharing is not only vital for their future but also create the sense of empathy towards others, which should not be taught forcefully to a child to give their belongings to others.

Teaching sharing is a common trouble with a toddler in starting as they will get frustrated, fuzzy but remember the basic key to achieve is that you should adopt it first, you can be the best role model to them as they will pick up the same habit from you as they will observe you sharing with others.

Here are some tips that you can try to teach your kids sharing and caring.

Choosing the right age:

It will be hard to understand for kids the concept of sharing until 5 years of age , though you can start off with young age with the basic rules like sharing things with your younger siblings, sharing food in a picnic, waiting for your turn in a park for a ride.

Play the passing game:

I am sure you had played this game as a kid with a simple rule of passing a ball until the song plays or a telephone message game where each one will pass the message with utmost care and the one who remembers it wrong will be out.

Another great activity will be painting by sharing colors or singing a duet song.

Sharing your thoughts:

Sharing anecdotes and stories about the feelings and thoughts which are involved with the concept of sharing, as kids will easily adopt the understanding of anything which is related to some character.

Things you did as a kid which involves sharing activities or your contribution towards it.


This is the best way you can teach them the sharing and caring concept but, don’t do it on your first visit to an orphanage or in a slum let them see and observe the things around them and then explain them gradually.

In a next visit recall the things to them and then put the concept of sharing their toys, clothes etc.




Best places to witness Dussehra in India

The triumph of good over evil, Dussehra is celebrated all across India. But there are certain places which are ready to dazzle and are famous to witness during this festive season.

This 10-day festival starts with Durga jhaki, meals, and Ramlila which comes to an end in the Vijayadashami i.e Dussehra where effigies of Ravana, Meghnath, and kumbhakaran are burned.

Here are some of the places which are must to visit during Dussehra though their tradition and the way of celebration is different as you move to a different place, but are best among all to experience the different culture of celebration.


Mysore is known for its Dussehra celebration, where Mysore royal takes a lead for 10 days and is celebrated in the same way for more than 400 years, Dussehra is a state festival of Karnataka and is celebrated as a victory of goddess Chamundeshwari over demon Mahishasura.

Decorated elephant carries the idol of goddess all over city followed by music bands, folklore, dance groups, the royal family and the lit up Mysore place by thousands of light which look mesmerizing in the night are the main attraction of it.

How to reach Mysore: Mysore is well connected with major cities like Chennai and Bangalore by train, nearby airport is the Bangalore airport or you can book a taxi or can take a bus from Bangalore which will take around 3 hours to reach Mysore.


Kullu is the tourist attraction all around the year in Himachal Pradesh because of its beauty and allure of this place but, visiting during Dussehra will make it more special because of its extravagant celebration.

Unlike other places, the locals carry an idol of god and goddess from all across the village in their head, which ends on the ground where they meet Lord Raghunathji to pay homage and is the main god of this region.

On the last day, a procession is taken place to River Beas where a fire is set up on wood pieces and dry leaves which depicts the burning Lanka.

If you have some spare times get a glimpse of this beautiful valley.

How to reach Kullu: state transport buses and taxis are well connected to the valley from Chandigarh which is also the nearest airport to reach Kullu.


Bastar is another place where Dussehra is celebrated with all extravagant in Chattisgarh, Bastar Dandakaranya jungle is believed to be the same spot where lord ram spent his exile period of 14 years.

Bastar hosts the longest Dussehra celebration which goes on for 75 days where you’ll get to see the tribal culture.

How to reach Bastar: Raipur is the nearest airport to reach Bastar or you can hire a cab or by rail route from Raipur is the easiest way to reach Bastar.

Make your Dussehra memorable by visiting one of these places in this long weekend.