All natural mosquito repellent MAMA EARTH

Hey mommies,

Recently we found out that my baby has mosquito allergy \bug bite allergy.

After every mosquito bite she develops a big red swollen spot which even forms into a blister after some time, we can’t able to figure it out until 6 months that she is allergic to a bug bite.

Like any other parent, we wanted a natural treatment to treat her.
That’s when I found out MAMA EARTH Mosquito protection range online, which comes in varied form, from fabric roll on, gel to patches.

We have picked the repellent gel and the after bite lotion from their range and here is my review on it.

•Pocket-friendly: you get 50ml of mosquito repellent gel in 99 rupees which lasted for good 30 days and 40 ml of after bite roll on for 243 rupees.
•The product says it has 8-hour protection; however, we have used it for 2 hours and it worked well.
•It absorbs in the skin very quickly.
•After bite lotion works very well too as it suppresses the swollen area in a few minutes after a bite.

I will definitely recommend it for babies and toddler even you can use it on adults, it is that much effective.

Thank you for reading