All you need to know about Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most common cancer, diagnosed in females especially in rural areas where there is no awareness about it. India is one such country where the growth rate of breast cancer patients is increasing rapidly in last decade.

Reason being lack of awareness and last stage detection makes it very difficult for the survival and the family member both mentally and financially.

The reason behind writing this post is to get you aware about cancer so that not only you can help yourself but also to the people around you like your maid or any women who didn’t get the source of knowledge about it.

Symptoms of breast cancer:

  • Lump in an armpit or in a breast.
  • Orange peel texture of the breast skin.
  • Pain in an armpit or in a breast.
  • Blood discharge from your nipples.
  • Flaking of skin around nipples.
  • Inverted nipples.
  • Change in shape of a breast.

Above are the symptoms that you can observe in your breast if you are still can’t understand it consult a doctor or you can self-examine your breast at home by these simple steps.

  • Stand in front of a mirror.
  • Check for change in shape and size of your breast.
  • Change in skin texture like flaking, peeling or dimpling around it.
  • Or is there any swelling around it.
  • Now lie down in a bed.
  • Using your finger pads firmly move your hand and check for any lumps and nodes or is there any pain on touching them.
  • If you find it difficult to check while lying down, stand in a shower and with wet hands check for it that will make it easier for you check any lumps and nodes if any.

If you find any changes by doing above self-examine consult your doctor for a further test that he/she will carry put in order to confirm it.

What causes breast cancer?

Though the reason behind it is not cleared the main cause of breast cancer, family history and taking alcohol can be considered one of the reasons behind it.



These are my take on giving you all a little knowledge about breast cancer, to find out more about it ask your doctor who can guide you in a better way.

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