Best places to witness Dussehra in India

The triumph of good over evil, Dussehra is celebrated all across India. But there are certain places which are ready to dazzle and are famous to witness during this festive season.

This 10-day festival starts with Durga jhaki, meals, and Ramlila which comes to an end in the Vijayadashami i.e Dussehra where effigies of Ravana, Meghnath, and kumbhakaran are burned.

Here are some of the places which are must to visit during Dussehra though their tradition and the way of celebration is different as you move to a different place, but are best among all to experience the different culture of celebration.


Mysore is known for its Dussehra celebration, where Mysore royal takes a lead for 10 days and is celebrated in the same way for more than 400 years, Dussehra is a state festival of Karnataka and is celebrated as a victory of goddess Chamundeshwari over demon Mahishasura.

Decorated elephant carries the idol of goddess all over city followed by music bands, folklore, dance groups, the royal family and the lit up Mysore place by thousands of light which look mesmerizing in the night are the main attraction of it.

How to reach Mysore: Mysore is well connected with major cities like Chennai and Bangalore by train, nearby airport is the Bangalore airport or you can book a taxi or can take a bus from Bangalore which will take around 3 hours to reach Mysore.


Kullu is the tourist attraction all around the year in Himachal Pradesh because of its beauty and allure of this place but, visiting during Dussehra will make it more special because of its extravagant celebration.

Unlike other places, the locals carry an idol of god and goddess from all across the village in their head, which ends on the ground where they meet Lord Raghunathji to pay homage and is the main god of this region.

On the last day, a procession is taken place to River Beas where a fire is set up on wood pieces and dry leaves which depicts the burning Lanka.

If you have some spare times get a glimpse of this beautiful valley.

How to reach Kullu: state transport buses and taxis are well connected to the valley from Chandigarh which is also the nearest airport to reach Kullu.


Bastar is another place where Dussehra is celebrated with all extravagant in Chattisgarh, Bastar Dandakaranya jungle is believed to be the same spot where lord ram spent his exile period of 14 years.

Bastar hosts the longest Dussehra celebration which goes on for 75 days where you’ll get to see the tribal culture.

How to reach Bastar: Raipur is the nearest airport to reach Bastar or you can hire a cab or by rail route from Raipur is the easiest way to reach Bastar.

Make your Dussehra memorable by visiting one of these places in this long weekend.


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