Exercising in Pregnancy

Exercising during pregnancy is always being daunting especially in an Indian culture where pregnant women get a way lot of pampering that she faces a difficulty in having a normal delivery because of all the comfort and no Exercising but, it is recommended only when your doctor recommends it.

Most of the women are terrified of doing it due to complication or premature labor but studies show coping up with light exercise will help you in having a normal pregnancy.

Keeping up your body active will help you post delivery as your stamina will be maintained and will keep you in good shape too.

Before starting up:

  • First and foremost is to consult with your doctor before starting with any kind of physical activity. If it’s a yes from your doctor go ahead with lite exercises like stretching, walking, yoga, pelvic stretch, and swimming.
  • Wear comfortable clothes during exercising a good sports bra, tank top, and legging which are not too tight.
  • If you couldn’t find out the proper exercise during pregnancy take help for an expert advice there are so many courses up in the market or sometimes hospital also offers such facilities so go ahead and take advantage of it.
  • If you are on a budget and can’t afford such type of classes make youtube your best friend there are tons of video related to pregnancy exercise.

The benefit of exercising:

  • Helps in maintaining weight.
  • Increase the chances of normal delivery.
  • Reduces the risk of gestational diabetes.
  • Helps in postpartum recovery.
  • Shorter labor time.
  • Helps with constipation.


  • Don’t attempt any physical activity if you have hypertension or heart disease.
  • If you are carrying low and have a weak cervix.
  • Avoid lying on your back and exercise related to it.
  • Don’t stress too much listen to your body and stops when you can’t do it.
  • Do not dehydrate your body; take a regular water break in between.
  • Do not hold your breath while exercising.
  • Don’t do jumping and heavy lifting exercising.

I hope this article will help you in having a normal delivery and will maintain your health and boost up your stamina throughout the pregnancy, and make sure to consult your doctor before ending up in any decision.

And do let me know in comment section if you have any doubt and share your thoughts too.

Love Shubhagini


Post pregnancy hair loss care.

Pregnancy comes with many physical changes. Other than stretch marks, acne, swallow feet, mood swings, also hair loss comes with it. Once the baby is born you’ll suddenly feel the tremendous amount of hair fall for 2-3 months.

But this is a temporary phase and here also you can blame hormonal changes which will become stable along with time.

What causes hair loss?

Increase in the level of hormones causes your hair to be in resting phase known as telogen, that is why you have thicker and voluminous hair during your pregnancy.

Post pregnancy settling down of these hormones back into a pre-pregnancy stage.many women face the problem of hair fall post pregnancy but, if you stress more about it, it will increase instead of stopping down.

Try to be calm and patient as it is a temporary process and can settle down 2-3 months after having a baby.

Other than hormonal changes many factors can cause hair loss like:

  • Poor nutrition.
  • Genetics
  • Thyroid during pregnancy.
  • Mineral deficiency.etc.

How to control hair loss?

Since it is natural processes in pregnancy don’t stress much about it instead with these little tips you can have control on it.

Drinking lots of water:

Consuming 3-4 liters of water in a day not only help to control hair fall but prevent many diseases too by doing so.

Hair massage:

Oiling your hair 2-3 times in a week is a great way to relax and add nutrition at the same time. Opt for coconut oil, olive oil or almond oil warm it a bit and massage it gently into your scalp.

This will strengthen your roots and prevent further hair fall.

Treating deficiency:

Take help of your doctor to identify if you have any iron or zinc deficiency and plan your diet according to it. Apart from supplements try to include a natural ingredient in your diet for iron, zinc or mineral deficiency if you have any.

Include food which is rich in vitamin C and vitamin B complex which can be found in citrus fruit and leafy vegetables, consuming these on regular basis will help to prevent hair fall.

Using organic product:

Using organic product will not harm your scalp in any way and also protect you from any allergy or infection that can be caused by using any regular shampoos and conditioner which contain paraben and SLS in it.

Using organic product during pregnancy will never harm you in any way and helps in preventing hair fall.

Avoiding styling tools and coloring:

It is best to avoid styling and coloring during pregnancy as coloring can trigger allergies. Instead, try to maintain it naturally, be gentle on it but if you are planning for maternity shoot save the styling for that one day.

Balance diet:

Whatever we consume shows up in our skin and hair, try to eat nutrient-packed food include more of fruits, vegetable, dairy product and protein-rich diet in your daily diet.

Food rich in antioxidant and flavonoids encourage good hair growth and protect hair follicles.


Hope this will help you in post-pregnancy hair loss, do let me know if you have any doubt in a comment section.

Love Shubhagini

At home ideas for New Year celebration

One of my best memories of childhood is to celebrate New Year eve with friends and family at home, we have never ever visited or booked a special party hosted by many of the hotels, pubs, and restaurants.

The best part of celebrating at home is to dressed in pajamas and dance and eat like no one is watching.

We lived in an apartment where all the colony kids organize and hosted the party in the terrace; to relive those memories I am sharing some of the ideas that can help you in celebrating New Year eve at home especially if you are a new mom or a toddler’s mom.


  • Create a warm ambiance with a bonfire in the middle and chairs around it to stay connected with each other during the party.
  • If you are planning a party at terrace decorate it with the New Year banner and balloons on the floor.
  • Arrange a buffet system at one corner.
  • Set candle and flower arrangement in the tables to create warm vibes.
  • Make full use of fairy lights in the terrace wall, for a backdrop, around the tables wherever you think something is missing.


  • Bring your own food: divide the dishes among each house in this way no one will be loaded with whole responsibility of food and you’ll get the variety too.
  • If you have a baking specialist in your colony give him/her responsibility of preparing the cake if not can be bought from the bakery.
  • For beverages, the easiest recipe is to prepare a lemonade or to serve a cold drink.
  • For snacks popcorns, chips, mini samosas or fruit chat can be served.
  • In dessert ice cream or any Indian sweet can be served.


Plan a game that can be enjoyed by both adults and kids don’t make it complicated to understand the game for anyone.

  • A classic game like musical chair, dumb charade antakshari, and dart can be easy to manage and fun in playing too.


Each and everyone’s music taste is different so don’t go for what you like, when we plan a new year party our music is the new year special radio choose your favorite station and bring it on songs with a surprise and have fun.

Have fun and enjoy your New Year eve and do let me know if you have any queries.

Love Shubhagini

Happy New Year.



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How to get glow in winters

Winter cold make our skin look pale and dry and the low humidity steals the moisture away which can lead to cracking and itchiness too.

But by following a right skin care regime you can achieve the healthy glow in winters too by following these simple tips:


Cleaning face with lukewarm water will prevent excessive dryness and won’t strip your oils too. Avoid using hot water for cleansing as it will make it drier.


Using mild exfoliate in winter won’t harm your skin, if you want to avoid market available scrub try to make your own with ingredient right from your kitchen,

What you need:

  • Coconut oil-2 Tsp
  • Fine sugar-1 Tsp


  • In a bowl mix both 2 tsp of coconut oil and 1 tsp of fine sugar.
  • And your mild scrub is ready coconut oil will moisturize your skin and fine sugar will exfoliate it mildly.


Moisturising in the damp skin helps in locking moisture for a longer time if your skin is extremely dry and you need a natural ingredient for it use coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil or almond oil.

Choose your moisturizer carefully for good results in winter, go for an oil-based moisturizer in winter rather than water-based one.

DIY winter face mask:

  • Papaya face mask.

What you need:

  • 2 tsp of honey.
  • A piece of ripe papaya.


  • Mash the papaya well.
  • Add 2 tsp of honey.
  • Apply it in dry areas for 5-10 min.


  • Lemon and honey:

What you need:

  • 2 tsp honey.
  • Half a tsp lemon juice.


  • Add lemon juice and honey in a bowl.
  • Mix it well.
  • Apply it on your face with cotton ball.
  • Leave it for 10-15 min.
  • Rinse it with water.

Drink plenty of water:

Drinking plenty of water will Keep your body hydrated and moisturize your skin. And your skin will glow in winters too.

Protect your skin:

Your skin needs sunscreen protection in winters due to the UVA and UVB rays peeping through clouds will damage your skin. So make sure to use sunscreen in winters too.


Hope these tips will help you to get that glow in winters. If you have any extra tips do comment in the comment section down below.

               Love Shubhagini












Maternity Clothing Hacks

When I was pregnant I was all thrilled to shop for myself first 9 months and then for a baby, but the amount of price in name of maternity was way hell expensive.

Because of the fact that we can use them for few months only, I drop the idea of buying them instead with the little hacks and DIY I found on Pinterest you can survive in your pregnancy without buying them.

The first trimester is the easy one as you don’t need oversize cloth for the first 3 months; I have survived in my already owned clothes up to 5 months.

And now when I am in my 7 months I need that extra fabric, here are some hacks and DIY that I found on Pinterest for maternity hack.

Steal your husband T-shirt:

From lounging around the house to exercising I found them the comfiest outfit even though they are of a Medium size for your husband you’ll feel like large size all comfortable in it.

Bra-back extender:

Let’s face it your boobs will increase throughout the pregnancy and buying new lingerie every month will be a waste, a bra- back extender will work by adding some extra inches and breathing room for you.

Instead, invest in a good nursing bra.

Hair elastic:

Your favorite pair of jeans can still be worn with this simple hair elastic trick.

Make Maxi dress and Anarkali your best friend:

This is the best hack I have found to wear maxi dresses and Anarkali kurtas in your pregnancy as you can get them in a different style without spending much on it.

They can even do a trick on your maternity shoot.

Yoga pants and jeggings:

Like the maxi dress and Anarkali yoga pants and jeggings can also do a trick making you comfortable yet stylish at the same time.

Pair it up with long tops for that flaunting look.

Buy top in one size up:

For this hack go for a long top in one size up, they’ll not be stuck in your belly and will be comfortable too.


Here are my tips and tricks to save a little in maternity clothing, tell me yours in the comment section below.

Love Shubhagini



pic source-google images,pexels.com,pixabay.com

All you need to know about Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most common cancer, diagnosed in females especially in rural areas where there is no awareness about it. India is one such country where the growth rate of breast cancer patients is increasing rapidly in last decade.

Reason being lack of awareness and last stage detection makes it very difficult for the survival and the family member both mentally and financially.

The reason behind writing this post is to get you aware about cancer so that not only you can help yourself but also to the people around you like your maid or any women who didn’t get the source of knowledge about it.

Symptoms of breast cancer:

  • Lump in an armpit or in a breast.
  • Orange peel texture of the breast skin.
  • Pain in an armpit or in a breast.
  • Blood discharge from your nipples.
  • Flaking of skin around nipples.
  • Inverted nipples.
  • Change in shape of a breast.

Above are the symptoms that you can observe in your breast if you are still can’t understand it consult a doctor or you can self-examine your breast at home by these simple steps.

  • Stand in front of a mirror.
  • Check for change in shape and size of your breast.
  • Change in skin texture like flaking, peeling or dimpling around it.
  • Or is there any swelling around it.
  • Now lie down in a bed.
  • Using your finger pads firmly move your hand and check for any lumps and nodes or is there any pain on touching them.
  • If you find it difficult to check while lying down, stand in a shower and with wet hands check for it that will make it easier for you check any lumps and nodes if any.

If you find any changes by doing above self-examine consult your doctor for a further test that he/she will carry put in order to confirm it.

What causes breast cancer?

Though the reason behind it is not cleared the main cause of breast cancer, family history and taking alcohol can be considered one of the reasons behind it.



These are my take on giving you all a little knowledge about breast cancer, to find out more about it ask your doctor who can guide you in a better way.

Unique ways to celebrate Diwali

Diwali is that time of the year when all your family member and friends visit their native place to celebrate this lovely festival of lights, sweet and cracker.

Diwali is the day when each and everyone is eagerly waiting for it, where girls are already excited to select their makeup look, dress, gifts etc whereas, boys are excited to light up their house the best and to get the hands-on best crackers and sweets from the market.

Apart from pollution which each and everyone mocks about it around this time of the year, there are so many things apart from this which has to be taken care of, this Diwali finds unique ways to celebrate for others.

In this post, I will be sharing some of the unique ways you can contribute to the society.

Visit an orphanage or an old age home:

When they are rejected by family each and every visitor becomes their family, especially on this biggest festival where you can share the happiness of being with the family which they miss.

Just don’t visit forsake of it once a year is in touch with them all year round and the feeling you’ll get is priceless.

Plant a tree:

When everyone is talking about controlling pollution and not to fire a cracker. in order to control a bit, you can plant a tree may be the fruit tree so you’ll also get something from it and you’ll feel good about it.

Visit a slum:

As, it is a saying that Holi is for poor and Diwali is for rich, by visiting in the slum you can reverse the saying and can make slum children happy by, celebrating Diwali with them by gifting new clothes and sweets to them.

Sponsor a child:

This is my favorite way to celebrate any occasion; it takes around  10,000 rupees per year to sponsor one child education which you can easily do by tying up with an NGO which supports child education.

If you can spend 10,000 in crackers, gifts and on clothes you can easily sponsor a child every year.

Sponsoring a child for education will not only give her/him their right for education but can also make her/him a better person.


This is my take to celebrate this Diwali in a unique way share yours in the comment box below.


Tips and Tricks for Diwali cleaning

Diwali being a week away, we all are busy whitewashing and cleaning our home to prep up for the biggest and most awaited festival in India.

From choosing the décor of a house to lighting it up the best in the colonies there is a lot of preparation that comes ahead but the most critical part is the cleaning of whole house which can take up a lot of energy and time.

I am sure you all have already started cleaning your house, but if not then this post will surely help you out to clean your house smartly with these tips and trick.


Start off with de-cluttering your wardrobe, shoe rack, kids toys segregate each and everything in three piles,

  • Too keep.
  • charity
  • Throw

But, before you throw away your stuff which you don’t need there are a lot of NGO which take away your throwaway items and remake them into a useful way like goonj and green sole.

Once you are sorted out clean off the dust and rearrange your wardrobe, the simple rule is to get rid of the things which you haven’t use for past 1 year can be donated, sell or can be given to charity.

Vacuum cleaning:

Most of the time after whitewash we forget to clean off the dust in sofas, carpet, cushion, mattress, couches etc which are building up bacteria in them from years, so make sure to vacuum clean all these deep if possible wash their fabric too and you’ll get the brand new furniture with just this simple tips.

Kitchen cleaning:

Get rid of the expired ingredient, the pills of food container that you save but do not use it any other way other than pilling it up.

Clean the shelves and rack with a cloth dip in warm water and vinegar. Invest in a kitchen organizer or DIY it, that can save a lot of your space.

Clean up your refrigerator, oven, and microwave with half a lemon dip in vinegar.

Bedroom cleaning:

Move out the furniture and clean up the yearlong dust behind and beneath it and mop the whole area with disinfectant, also make sure to clean the window panes, fans, vacuuming the mattress as mention before and washing all your fabric like a bedspread, curtains etc.


Because why to leave that one pretty corner and deck it up for festive season decorate your garden with pretty plants and terracotta garden accessories. Also, make sure to decide your rangoli area and clean it up well.


I hope these tips will help you to clean your house in a planned way.




Karwachauth styling tips 2017

We women love to dress up for any occasion, karvachauth is one such Indian festival where Indian women dress up like a bride again every year on this day in which they kept a whole day fast for the well-being and long life of their husband.

It is most popular in the northern region of India and by tradition does not eat anything till they see the moon. They all decked up like a newly married bride by putting henna and wearing a red outfit.

Here are few tips for this karwachauth that will make your long day fast into a smooth ride.

Choosing a right outfit:

Most of the women wear their wedding dress which is quite heavy and difficult to carry on whole day long, choosing a comfortable outfit should be your priority there is a number of option available like :

Anarkali suit.

Pairing up straight kurta with palazzo.

Silk sari with golden zari work on it.

Crop top with banarsi skirt.

Or a simple red sari with mirror work in it will work wonderfully.

Skin care regime:

Make sure to take care of your skin couple of days before the main event as you’ll be not eating or drinking anything and that can show up on your skin too if possible be hydrated.

Get a facial that suits your skin type prior 3 days for that glow.


Choosing a hairstyle which you can carry whole day long is another important thing-to-do, go with the stylish braid or for a chic bun hairstyle which is in a trend also, bun hairstyle will be simple, easy to carry and will not irritate you.

Opt for simple yet classy makeup look:

Since your outfit will the star of the show opt for a simple classy look, which will not look overboard with your outfit. Go for nude makeup with soft smoky eyes and if you still want to add that glam go for red or bold lips.


Since you are already glam up a lot go minimal when it comes to jewelry traditionally all married women wear magalsutra, bangles, bindi, ring, and sindoor this will complete your look.

If you want to add a piece of jewelry to your look you can pair a gold choker necklace with magalsutra.

This is my pick-up to slay traditional look on this coming up karwachauth on 8th of October Sunday.



Benefit of fasting

Fasting is commonly associated among Hindus and Muslim being it a Ramadan or Navratri.There is mainly three types of fasting,

Intermittent fasting:  Is a fasting when you fast for certain period of time like Navaratri where you go for 9 days fast.

Alternate day fasting: is a fasting where you eat as much food you want in one day and fast for another day, which is consuming 500 calories only.

Time restricted fasting: is a fasting where you target to finish all your meal within a certain time limit like say within 8 hours of a day.

Keeping in mind fasting doesn’t mean to eat oily fat dishes like allopuri , sabudana vada etc which are traditional dishes consume in India during fasting will not give you any kind of benefit from it.

To take a most out from fasting try to include juices, fruit salad etc anything which is healthy and can be consumed in fasting too.

Here are some of the benefits of fasting if you follow it in a healthy way:

Make your skin healthier:

Your skin shows what you eat; fasting improves your skin integrity.

Increase longer life:

Fasting slows down the disease of aging and bone density loss because it’s about eating right and healthy.

Increases brain power:

According to study if you are restricted to calories and is being tasked to physical exertion, its strengthen your neural connection.

Boost your metabolism:

If you are suffering from thyroid fasting will help you in building up hormone, which helps in great metabolism and keeps your thyroid hormone in track.

Reduces bad cholesterol:

Fasting restricts you to a particular diet which doesn’t involve any spices, fat or junk food which gives you an option of eating healthy, which not only lowers your bad cholesterol level but also decreases your lower blood pressure.

Better insulin:

Due to the low sugar consumption, your body will secrete less insulin, which will encourage better insulin sensitivity in your body.

So, go ahead and follow a healthy fasting routine to take a most of benefit from it, just remember not starve yourself if you are planning to go on fasting for weight loss.