Toys for 0-6 months

Newborn spend their most of the time sleeping and when they are awake all they do is to observe their surroundings.

Hence, their immediate tool of attraction is toys when they are awake; here are my picks which I discovered in 6 months with my baby.

Rattle: rattle is the best option for a newborn as they are immediately attracted by the sound or light of it.

Just lay down all in front of a baby and let him/her figure out the difference between each of them and eventually one will become their favourite.

Unique Ideas Dumbbell BPAfree and Non Toxic Rattle Toys for Babies (Multicolour) – Pack of 2Funskool Baby Giraffe Rattle, Colors May Vary

Play mat/play gym:  As a newborn cannot roll or crawl playmates are the best you can buy for them. To explore and observe toys moving which are hung over it,  can also be helpful in giving tummy time to them.

Waterproof Double Side Baby Play Crawl Floor Mat for Kids Picnic Play School Home (Large Size – 120 cm X 180 cm) with Zip Bag to Carry
Angry Bird Fun Activity Play Gym – Multicolor

Teethers: once baby starts to explore things with hands which are around 3 months they will start putting each and everything straight into their mouth.

Buy teethers which are easy to grab, it helps baby to soothe their gums.

Mee Mee Multi-Textured Silicone Teether, Orange
Chicco Teething Ring Fresh Relax New Ring (Colours may Vary)

Cot mobile:

Babies love to watch fan in a same way cot mobile will work and engage them to watch moving toys and listening to soft music.

Mee Mee Musical Animal Cot Mobile (5-Toy Safari Theme)

Chicco Star Melody

Soft books or board book:

Reading encourages their vocabulary. look for the touch and feel book which is easily available online and read it aloud to them.

TOYMYTOY Cloth YeahiBaby Soft Book Plush Educational Toys (2363767-6508-1151318331)Forberesten Baby’s Non-Toxic Soft Fabric Early Education Activity Crinkle Cloth Book Toys for Baby Shower (Dog)Fisher Price 1-to-5 Activity Book


Love Shubhagini













How to know you are ready for a baby

The first question that pops up after you get married is when you are having a baby as if it is the only ultimate mission you have to achieve after marriage.

Bringing a child into your life is a life-changing decision which comes with lots of responsibility along with your freedom, financial condition, family, your partner decision etc.

After our 3 years of marriage we still think of the baby and now we are ready I want to share the things or signs which shows that you are ready for a baby.

Is your partner ready?

Having a baby is not all about mother; father responsibility comes equally for a child. Never think of having a bay to save your relationship it is the worst decision one can take.

Discuss having a baby with your partner is he/she ready to take the responsibility equally, Take time individually to think about the changes that will come in a way after having a baby are you actually comfortable with it or not.

Is he/she will take care of a baby on your behalf and will adjust for your me time too and will be comfortable if you want to hang out with your friends and family alone.

Are you ready to dedicate your life to care for a baby?

Its take a lot of time and energy and to go out of your zone by sacrificing your own needs to grow up a human being. Sacrificing your known needs for someone else benefit should make you happy.

After all the love you give for the upbringing of your child comes with lots of sacrifices.

Your career:

Your decision should not intervene in your career , discuss the HR policies of your workspace about maternity and paternity leaves or if you are good enough to handle both your workspace and home.

If your workspace demand travel makes sure to take help never ever say no to help.

Here your in-laws or if your parents live nearby will give you a great advantage to leave your baby into experienced and trusted hands.

Being nervous is normal:

Taking a life-changing decision will make you nervous in starting and its absolutely normal to be nervous, asking so many questions before taking any step is just a part of your decision making ability.

You are ready to accept yourself:

Being pregnant is not a joke as it comes with so many body-changes .if you are comfortable about the changes that will come in your way being a pregnant, like stretch marks, acne, skin discoloration, weight gain etc. and If you are still absolutely normal about all the aspect that means you are ready to have a baby.


Though it depends on women to women the symptoms of pregnancy.




How to teach your kids sharing and caring

It’s mine he/she cannot have it sounds familiar if you are a parent, children often develop a sense of fondness and attachment to things or people as they develop a sense of awareness.

Sharing is not only vital for their future but also create the sense of empathy towards others, which should not be taught forcefully to a child to give their belongings to others.

Teaching sharing is a common trouble with a toddler in starting as they will get frustrated, fuzzy but remember the basic key to achieve is that you should adopt it first, you can be the best role model to them as they will pick up the same habit from you as they will observe you sharing with others.

Here are some tips that you can try to teach your kids sharing and caring.

Choosing the right age:

It will be hard to understand for kids the concept of sharing until 5 years of age , though you can start off with young age with the basic rules like sharing things with your younger siblings, sharing food in a picnic, waiting for your turn in a park for a ride.

Play the passing game:

I am sure you had played this game as a kid with a simple rule of passing a ball until the song plays or a telephone message game where each one will pass the message with utmost care and the one who remembers it wrong will be out.

Another great activity will be painting by sharing colors or singing a duet song.

Sharing your thoughts:

Sharing anecdotes and stories about the feelings and thoughts which are involved with the concept of sharing, as kids will easily adopt the understanding of anything which is related to some character.

Things you did as a kid which involves sharing activities or your contribution towards it.


This is the best way you can teach them the sharing and caring concept but, don’t do it on your first visit to an orphanage or in a slum let them see and observe the things around them and then explain them gradually.

In a next visit recall the things to them and then put the concept of sharing their toys, clothes etc.




How to take care of toddler hair

Maintaining a good hygiene is the first and the most priority of parents especially in a toddler as they are more prone to infection in this monsoon season.
Most of the time we ignore the hairs it is the first place where sweat and grime accumulate as they play, run and what not toddlers are unstoppable.
With maintaining the good body hygiene is the best you can do. Here are some of the tips how you can take care of their hair as well.
Understanding the texture and need of your toddler’s hair is the first thing every child has different hair .washing their hair twice a week is sufficient .choosing a shampoo for a toddler is a bit tricky because you have to maintain their PH level, try to find out the PH level 5.5-6.
Choosing the natural shampoo is the best you can try. Some of the brand options you can choose from are,
MAMA earth.
Forest essential.
Kama Ayurveda.
Brushing the knots:
Tangles are very common in toddlers hair, de knot the tangles with wide tooth comb before bath time.
Haircut at the right time:
This tip is a life saver gets the haircut of your toddler right time, as it will be easy to manage and care. Talk to your hairdresser because of the obvious reason that every toddler has different kind of hair structure curly or straight ask your hairdresser to suggest the best.
Playing sweat:
Just face this after kids come back home from playing, cycling basically after any activity the grossest part is their sweaty, smelly and dirty hair. Obviously, we cannot wash them twice a day but, if not there tends to get dandruff or lice.
Give it a try to a dry shampoo if they badly needed otherwise dry their hair under the fan and wash them next day.