Makeup Hacks for Mom.

Mom has an endless list to do from changing a diaper, meal preparation, grocery shopping, homework’s, household chores and the list goes on. Most of the time they didn’t even get time to comb up their hair or to look presentable.

And if you are working mom things get even more terrible, where you forget something or the other here I have listed down some of the beauty hacks that can help you put on together your mom duty and self-care.

Dry shampoo:

Thinking of having a relaxing bath, washing hair and shaving is a crime for mom as her toddler bang on a door as soon as you enter the bathroom, make dry shampoo your trusty friend whenever your hair feels greasy.

Or a baby powder will do the same trick just dust on a bit on your scalp and your hair will be less greasy and more bouncy.

Messy buns:

Who gets the time to style their hair, learn as much as updo’s you can, bun hairstyle is even trending nowadays and for moms, they are blessing just make a messy bun, pull out some strands of hair to figure your face and you are done.

Or braid your hair a night before and you’ll get natural curls next day.

All in one product:

Chose makeup product wisely which can do multitasking work at the same time like lip and cheek tint, or a lipstick color that can be worn in lips, eyes and in cheeks too, BB or CC cream can be a great alternative for every day hustle free look.

Or a cream based blush which can be used as both creamy eyeshade and blush.

Eyebrows and mascara:

Filling up eyebrows and mascara can change up a whole game, as you will feel more presentable even if you are sleep deprived. Fix your eyebrows with petroleum jelly or with eyebrow gel and fill them using a brow powder or with a brow pencil.

Carry on the go beauty product:

Carrying a nail polish remover a compact powder and lipstick will come handy in a red light where you’ll get at least a minute to do some task.

Pick an outfit a night before:

A little pre-planning always comes handy whether it is weekly meal prep or to do list. Planning an outfit night before will save your time a bit because we women’s are always confused about what to wear.

These are some hacks that will help you to find out some self-time for you, in the end, I’ll say embrace your natural beauty and automatically you’ll feel complete and presentable.

Love shubhagini

Post pregnancy hair loss care.

Pregnancy comes with many physical changes. Other than stretch marks, acne, swallow feet, mood swings, also hair loss comes with it. Once the baby is born you’ll suddenly feel the tremendous amount of hair fall for 2-3 months.

But this is a temporary phase and here also you can blame hormonal changes which will become stable along with time.

What causes hair loss?

Increase in the level of hormones causes your hair to be in resting phase known as telogen, that is why you have thicker and voluminous hair during your pregnancy.

Post pregnancy settling down of these hormones back into a pre-pregnancy stage.many women face the problem of hair fall post pregnancy but, if you stress more about it, it will increase instead of stopping down.

Try to be calm and patient as it is a temporary process and can settle down 2-3 months after having a baby.

Other than hormonal changes many factors can cause hair loss like:

  • Poor nutrition.
  • Genetics
  • Thyroid during pregnancy.
  • Mineral deficiency.etc.

How to control hair loss?

Since it is natural processes in pregnancy don’t stress much about it instead with these little tips you can have control on it.

Drinking lots of water:

Consuming 3-4 liters of water in a day not only help to control hair fall but prevent many diseases too by doing so.

Hair massage:

Oiling your hair 2-3 times in a week is a great way to relax and add nutrition at the same time. Opt for coconut oil, olive oil or almond oil warm it a bit and massage it gently into your scalp.

This will strengthen your roots and prevent further hair fall.

Treating deficiency:

Take help of your doctor to identify if you have any iron or zinc deficiency and plan your diet according to it. Apart from supplements try to include a natural ingredient in your diet for iron, zinc or mineral deficiency if you have any.

Include food which is rich in vitamin C and vitamin B complex which can be found in citrus fruit and leafy vegetables, consuming these on regular basis will help to prevent hair fall.

Using organic product:

Using organic product will not harm your scalp in any way and also protect you from any allergy or infection that can be caused by using any regular shampoos and conditioner which contain paraben and SLS in it.

Using organic product during pregnancy will never harm you in any way and helps in preventing hair fall.

Avoiding styling tools and coloring:

It is best to avoid styling and coloring during pregnancy as coloring can trigger allergies. Instead, try to maintain it naturally, be gentle on it but if you are planning for maternity shoot save the styling for that one day.

Balance diet:

Whatever we consume shows up in our skin and hair, try to eat nutrient-packed food include more of fruits, vegetable, dairy product and protein-rich diet in your daily diet.

Food rich in antioxidant and flavonoids encourage good hair growth and protect hair follicles.


Hope this will help you in post-pregnancy hair loss, do let me know if you have any doubt in a comment section.

Love Shubhagini

Different oil to treat your hair woes.

Maintaining hair in good condition is a big task to achieve as we don’t like oiling our hair due to the stickiness and we keep on avoiding it with various type of reason.

Other than sticking to the old coconut oil, here are some different types of oil you can use according to your problems.

Almond oil:

This super lite and aromatic oil are rich in omega-3 fatty acid, vitamin E, magnesium and phospholipids make your hair super shiny and healthy.

Not only this also neutralizes the PH level of your scalp and protects it from toxin and chemicals.

Pomegranate seed oil:

Filled with vitamin C makes your hair stronger and thicker, it is the cheapest way to treat your hair fall problem. It is thick in consistency so, make sure to add a lite oil like olive oil and almond oil in it before use if, you don’t like the thick consistency.

It increases the blood circulation and improves the hair growth.

Castor oil:

Castor oil is a tradition to apply it before a bath in a festival in a southern part of India. It cool downs your body from the humid weather and apart from that, it locks the shiny and dark texture.

Olive oil:

Not only consuming it has an endless number of benefit to your body but, it is also used to treat your hair for deep nourishment especially after a beach or a pool bath.

Mix it up with lemon juice or curd to get rid of dandruff; it also helps in reducing slipt ends due to a number of vitamins and antioxidant present in it.

It is also useful to conditioned your hair.

Coconut oil:

Last but, not the least every one favorite and handy which is almost present in each and every house, coconut oil is almost the remedy of all hair problems.

It cure itchiness makes your hair disinfectant, makes them healthier, stronger and shinier, mix it up with camphor after warming it up a bit it will not only cure dandruff but makes you feel refreshed and lite headed.



Steal your baby products

Have you ever wonder your baby product can come handy when you have no time to self-care, just swipe your baby diaper bag and pamper your skin with mild and in cheaper variant because as it is safe for your babies so as for you.

Baby cream:

Works wonder on the dry and chapped skin as it is thicker than your normal body lotion, so grab it if you have dry skin or if you are traveling in the cold state.

Baby wipes:

Cheap alternative for makeup wipes are soft and moisturize your face works best for the sensitive skin or to keep your face grime free during summer are a great alternative from highly priced makeup wipes.

Body wash:

Baby body wash is more gentle on skin as they come in balanced ph level and on top of them they are paraben and mineral oil free which will not lead your skin harm and rough on texture.

Baby oil:

Unlike coconut, almond and olive oil baby oils are non-sticky and light which easily seeps into your skin leaving it soft and supple, it can be a great alternative for post pregnancy massage oil.

Baby powder:

This is another alternative for dry shampoo just dab a little bit on your scalp and massage it, don’t overdo it otherwise, can give you a gray hair. You can also apply on your lips after applying lipstick to give a matte look.

Do try this and let me know in comment bar below if you have tried this.

Dark Matters

Dark circles are extremely common among both men and women, though men didn’t bother more about it as we women do.All thanks to the changing lifestyle, late night work schedule.But there is some easy way to get rid of them by these simple changes in your lifestyle.

Here’s what you need?

Up your water intake:

Drinking at least 10 glasses of water helps in eliminating wasting toxic from your body, in this way it reduces the intensity of dark circle.

Sleep it:

Try to take at least 8 hours of sound sleep, sometimes due to less sleep and stress dark circle appears.Sleeping sound for 8 hours will helps in getting rid of dark circles.

Avoid Sun:

Avoid the sun when it’s the harshest that is around noon to 4 pm, and if you can’t apply sunscreen and wear sunglasses.

Slice it up:

Apply cucumber and potato slice on your eyelid for 5 to 10 min and then wash it off.


Apply used freeze tea bag on your eyelids to soothe them.