Different oil to treat your hair woes.

Maintaining hair in good condition is a big task to achieve as we don’t like oiling our hair due to the stickiness and we keep on avoiding it with various type of reason.

Other than sticking to the old coconut oil, here are some different types of oil you can use according to your problems.

Almond oil:

This super lite and aromatic oil are rich in omega-3 fatty acid, vitamin E, magnesium and phospholipids make your hair super shiny and healthy.

Not only this also neutralizes the PH level of your scalp and protects it from toxin and chemicals.

Pomegranate seed oil:

Filled with vitamin C makes your hair stronger and thicker, it is the cheapest way to treat your hair fall problem. It is thick in consistency so, make sure to add a lite oil like olive oil and almond oil in it before use if, you don’t like the thick consistency.

It increases the blood circulation and improves the hair growth.

Castor oil:

Castor oil is a tradition to apply it before a bath in a festival in a southern part of India. It cool downs your body from the humid weather and apart from that, it locks the shiny and dark texture.

Olive oil:

Not only consuming it has an endless number of benefit to your body but, it is also used to treat your hair for deep nourishment especially after a beach or a pool bath.

Mix it up with lemon juice or curd to get rid of dandruff; it also helps in reducing slipt ends due to a number of vitamins and antioxidant present in it.

It is also useful to conditioned your hair.

Coconut oil:

Last but, not the least every one favorite and handy which is almost present in each and every house, coconut oil is almost the remedy of all hair problems.

It cure itchiness makes your hair disinfectant, makes them healthier, stronger and shinier, mix it up with camphor after warming it up a bit it will not only cure dandruff but makes you feel refreshed and lite headed.



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