How to take care of toddler hair

Maintaining a good hygiene is the first and the most priority of parents especially in a toddler as they are more prone to infection in this monsoon season.
Most of the time we ignore the hairs it is the first place where sweat and grime accumulate as they play, run and what not toddlers are unstoppable.
With maintaining the good body hygiene is the best you can do. Here are some of the tips how you can take care of their hair as well.
Understanding the texture and need of your toddler’s hair is the first thing every child has different hair .washing their hair twice a week is sufficient .choosing a shampoo for a toddler is a bit tricky because you have to maintain their PH level, try to find out the PH level 5.5-6.
Choosing the natural shampoo is the best you can try. Some of the brand options you can choose from are,
MAMA earth.
Forest essential.
Kama Ayurveda.
Brushing the knots:
Tangles are very common in toddlers hair, de knot the tangles with wide tooth comb before bath time.
Haircut at the right time:
This tip is a life saver gets the haircut of your toddler right time, as it will be easy to manage and care. Talk to your hairdresser because of the obvious reason that every toddler has different kind of hair structure curly or straight ask your hairdresser to suggest the best.
Playing sweat:
Just face this after kids come back home from playing, cycling basically after any activity the grossest part is their sweaty, smelly and dirty hair. Obviously, we cannot wash them twice a day but, if not there tends to get dandruff or lice.
Give it a try to a dry shampoo if they badly needed otherwise dry their hair under the fan and wash them next day.


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