How to teach your kids sharing and caring

It’s mine he/she cannot have it sounds familiar if you are a parent, children often develop a sense of fondness and attachment to things or people as they develop a sense of awareness.

Sharing is not only vital for their future but also create the sense of empathy towards others, which should not be taught forcefully to a child to give their belongings to others.

Teaching sharing is a common trouble with a toddler in starting as they will get frustrated, fuzzy but remember the basic key to achieve is that you should adopt it first, you can be the best role model to them as they will pick up the same habit from you as they will observe you sharing with others.

Here are some tips that you can try to teach your kids sharing and caring.

Choosing the right age:

It will be hard to understand for kids the concept of sharing until 5 years of age , though you can start off with young age with the basic rules like sharing things with your younger siblings, sharing food in a picnic, waiting for your turn in a park for a ride.

Play the passing game:

I am sure you had played this game as a kid with a simple rule of passing a ball until the song plays or a telephone message game where each one will pass the message with utmost care and the one who remembers it wrong will be out.

Another great activity will be painting by sharing colors or singing a duet song.

Sharing your thoughts:

Sharing anecdotes and stories about the feelings and thoughts which are involved with the concept of sharing, as kids will easily adopt the understanding of anything which is related to some character.

Things you did as a kid which involves sharing activities or your contribution towards it.


This is the best way you can teach them the sharing and caring concept but, don’t do it on your first visit to an orphanage or in a slum let them see and observe the things around them and then explain them gradually.

In a next visit recall the things to them and then put the concept of sharing their toys, clothes etc.




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