Signs and Symptoms that shows you are Pregnant

As it is our first baby and totally a planned one the first thing that worries me all the time, is that going to happen or not, how ill came to know that I am pregnant or not. Obviously to know that I had to wait for my periods but, that too ditches us some time and come late.

Well, in our case we had planned to have a baby after 3 years of our marriage. So, before trying for it we had consulted our gynecologist in May 2017 she told us to take folic acid and to try from next month i.e. from June 2017.

Apparently that month my in-laws were also about to visit us so we are not so sure about it but, had to give it a try but were not sure that it will work or not that is when I had observed a lot of changes in my body that shows I am pregnant.

So, here is my experience with Signs and symptom which shows early in first month i.e. you are pregnant or not:

Frequent pee visit:

This can be an irritating sign, visiting frequent trip to loo whether it might be day or night you’ll always feel like peeing during pregnancy as your uterus presses your bladder which makes it take a lot of pee breaks in your first 3 months.


If you feel tired all the time and can’t do the work like before that means you may be pregnant as your body is busy in making a little munchkin which takes up all your energy. I remember feeling tired just after waking up so you can’t imagine how tired one pregnant woman can feel.

Tender and swollen nipples:

It’s painful due to hormonal changes as breasts change its size and makes them sensitive, sometimes I feel like putting TOUCH ME NOT signboard on them. It will go on after first few weeks as your body will, later on, adjust to hormonal changes.

Mood swing:

Blame it on hormonal changes if your mood swings often in a day that is probably due to the pregnancy which can make you joy and sad at the same moment.

I remember crying it loud when nobody listens to me and on silly things and my mom still makes the fun of it.

Darkening areolas:

The circle around your nipples will start appearing darker and widen due to hormonal changes which are preparing our breasts to breastfeed.

Missing period:

This is the sure shot symptom to know that you are pregnant, get a pregnancy test to know your result at home and surprise your husband.

This is my experience in the first month of pregnancy where I didn’t know the result but experience all these early signs. Share your story in the comment box below.

Love Shubhagini

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