Steal your baby products

Have you ever wonder your baby product can come handy when you have no time to self-care, just swipe your baby diaper bag and pamper your skin with mild and in cheaper variant because as it is safe for your babies so as for you.

Baby cream:

Works wonder on the dry and chapped skin as it is thicker than your normal body lotion, so grab it if you have dry skin or if you are traveling in the cold state.

Baby wipes:

Cheap alternative for makeup wipes are soft and moisturize your face works best for the sensitive skin or to keep your face grime free during summer are a great alternative from highly priced makeup wipes.

Body wash:

Baby body wash is more gentle on skin as they come in balanced ph level and on top of them they are paraben and mineral oil free which will not lead your skin harm and rough on texture.

Baby oil:

Unlike coconut, almond and olive oil baby oils are non-sticky and light which easily seeps into your skin leaving it soft and supple, it can be a great alternative for post pregnancy massage oil.

Baby powder:

This is another alternative for dry shampoo just dab a little bit on your scalp and massage it, don’t overdo it otherwise, can give you a gray hair. You can also apply on your lips after applying lipstick to give a matte look.

Do try this and let me know in comment bar below if you have tried this.

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