Benefit of fasting

Fasting is commonly associated among Hindus and Muslim being it a Ramadan or Navratri.There is mainly three types of fasting,

Intermittent fasting:  Is a fasting when you fast for certain period of time like Navaratri where you go for 9 days fast.

Alternate day fasting: is a fasting where you eat as much food you want in one day and fast for another day, which is consuming 500 calories only.

Time restricted fasting: is a fasting where you target to finish all your meal within a certain time limit like say within 8 hours of a day.

Keeping in mind fasting doesn’t mean to eat oily fat dishes like allopuri , sabudana vada etc which are traditional dishes consume in India during fasting will not give you any kind of benefit from it.

To take a most out from fasting try to include juices, fruit salad etc anything which is healthy and can be consumed in fasting too.

Here are some of the benefits of fasting if you follow it in a healthy way:

Make your skin healthier:

Your skin shows what you eat; fasting improves your skin integrity.

Increase longer life:

Fasting slows down the disease of aging and bone density loss because it’s about eating right and healthy.

Increases brain power:

According to study if you are restricted to calories and is being tasked to physical exertion, its strengthen your neural connection.

Boost your metabolism:

If you are suffering from thyroid fasting will help you in building up hormone, which helps in great metabolism and keeps your thyroid hormone in track.

Reduces bad cholesterol:

Fasting restricts you to a particular diet which doesn’t involve any spices, fat or junk food which gives you an option of eating healthy, which not only lowers your bad cholesterol level but also decreases your lower blood pressure.

Better insulin:

Due to the low sugar consumption, your body will secrete less insulin, which will encourage better insulin sensitivity in your body.

So, go ahead and follow a healthy fasting routine to take a most of benefit from it, just remember not starve yourself if you are planning to go on fasting for weight loss.

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