Summer Travel Tips

Summer vacation comes with lot of fun and adventure, as school are shut down for 2 month kids loves their summer vacation but for parents it becomes difficult to control kids in vacation, to take a break from staying home in summer plan a fun family summer vacation which will not only give you a break but your kids will also cherish vacation memories later on.

Here are some tips for summer vacation so that you cannot regret planning afterward.

Go Easy with clothing:

In order to get a perfect click on vacation we always pack more clothes wondering picture will come nicely in this, but in summer you can look stylish with cotton dresses which are not only comfy but also light to carry in your baggage.

Protect your body from UV sun rays:

Don’t compromise with your body protection in heat, always carry a sunglasses for your eyes protection, hat while stepping out in sun and one cannot forget to apply sun block or sunscreen at any cost.

Avoid Street Food:

One cannot resist from yummy street food but in summer avoid as much as you can since oily and fried item leads to dehydration and gastroenteritis. Instead, try using local fruit wherever you visit and watery food like watermelon and cucumber to keep you fresh and hydrated.

Get ready for Emergency:

We never know what would happen next until it was not in the plan. Do carry some important medicines like anti-emetics, anti-motility drugs few packets of ORS.Some acidity relief tablet and if someone in your family is under medication do not skip their medicines.

Take a break:

Often take a break while traveling .do not skip restroom break, do light stretching in between, keep yourself hydrated, and most importantly enjoy the present moment in this way you will not feel tired by the end of the day.

If you are pregnant:

If you are pregnant and planning to take trip talk to your gynecologist before you take off to discuss safety factors for you and your baby.

Keep yourself hydrated and carry some light food with you .eat before you are hungry and drink before you are thirsty.

Pack some snacks:

It’s always a good idea to pack some snacks like granola bars, dry fruits or homemade laddoos will come in handy if you are traveling with a kid.

happy Summers

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