Tips and Tricks for Diwali cleaning

Diwali being a week away, we all are busy whitewashing and cleaning our home to prep up for the biggest and most awaited festival in India.

From choosing the décor of a house to lighting it up the best in the colonies there is a lot of preparation that comes ahead but the most critical part is the cleaning of whole house which can take up a lot of energy and time.

I am sure you all have already started cleaning your house, but if not then this post will surely help you out to clean your house smartly with these tips and trick.


Start off with de-cluttering your wardrobe, shoe rack, kids toys segregate each and everything in three piles,

  • Too keep.
  • charity
  • Throw

But, before you throw away your stuff which you don’t need there are a lot of NGO which take away your throwaway items and remake them into a useful way like goonj and green sole.

Once you are sorted out clean off the dust and rearrange your wardrobe, the simple rule is to get rid of the things which you haven’t use for past 1 year can be donated, sell or can be given to charity.

Vacuum cleaning:

Most of the time after whitewash we forget to clean off the dust in sofas, carpet, cushion, mattress, couches etc which are building up bacteria in them from years, so make sure to vacuum clean all these deep if possible wash their fabric too and you’ll get the brand new furniture with just this simple tips.

Kitchen cleaning:

Get rid of the expired ingredient, the pills of food container that you save but do not use it any other way other than pilling it up.

Clean the shelves and rack with a cloth dip in warm water and vinegar. Invest in a kitchen organizer or DIY it, that can save a lot of your space.

Clean up your refrigerator, oven, and microwave with half a lemon dip in vinegar.

Bedroom cleaning:

Move out the furniture and clean up the yearlong dust behind and beneath it and mop the whole area with disinfectant, also make sure to clean the window panes, fans, vacuuming the mattress as mention before and washing all your fabric like a bedspread, curtains etc.


Because why to leave that one pretty corner and deck it up for festive season decorate your garden with pretty plants and terracotta garden accessories. Also, make sure to decide your rangoli area and clean it up well.


I hope these tips will help you to clean your house in a planned way.




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